Planned Parenthood :  Speaks for Themselves

Planned Parenthood:
A. Is the
largest abortion provider in the United States.
B. Runs
190 abortion facilities nationwide and 866 “health centers.”
Promotes pre-marital sexual relations, homosexual acts, contraception and abortion in often graphic sex-ed programs in schools.
D. Consistently works to undermine parental authority, even stating on their web site that
“if you are age 12 or older, we will not tell your parents that you came to Planned Parenthood and you do not need your parents’ permission to visit us.”
Fights all laws that would require parental consent and/or notification before an abortion is committed on a minor.
F. Offers a
t-shirt for sale on their web site that proclaims “I had an abortion.” – a small sampling of the articles that are available to anyone who accesses “” the sex-info site operated by Planned Parenthood for teens.
A. Homepage: 
How to use a Condom:  “Do you know the right way to put on a condom?  Come check out our movie to become a condom expert!”
Body Diagrams:  “Check out our interactive diagrams of female and male anatomy!”
“Be Prepared for the Prom” – an article
-   This article discusses a prom night kit and proclaims “
Condoms are Required Attire!”
  -   It also recommends: 
“…latex or female condoms should definitely be on your accessory list!  And, fortunately, they fit easily in an evening bag or wallet, and there is no age requirement for buying them.
  -   Also discussed are
“emergency contraception pills (ECPs)” that "should be kept on hand."  These are the pills that Catholics know as the “abortion pills”!
“Losing It:  All About Virginity” – an article
  -  This article discusses in vivid detail exactly which acts constitute loss of virginity.
  -  Also, the question is raised if an active lesbian is still a virgin.  Prominently displays the statement by a lesbian proclaiming,
“I have never had sex with a man, but that certainly doesn’t make me a         virgin!”